Locating assets

While registering your dig location, One-call solution providors may have an option for users to request a person, known as a locator, to identify an asset.

What does a Locator do?

Locators provide an onsite service to assist in specifically identifying underground services. Some asset owners or utilities require a locator to be onsite before any works commence. Locators can provide peace of mind and a confirmation of the presence of underground services.

Does it cost money to request a Locator?

Some registered asset owners and utilities provide a service for a locator to visit a proposed excavation site and mark the location of the owner’s underground infrastructure. A request for a locator can be made through the local One-call solution providor. Please note that some asset owners and utilities may charge a fee to provide this service and it is recommended to discuss these fees with the relevant asset owners and utilities before the start of any excavation activity.

How do I arrange a time to meet on site?

The asset owner will contact you once you have submitted your dig site details. In most cases this is within 2 days. You will need to liaise with the asset owner once you have submitted your dig site details and received your One-call caller confirmation sheet. Always quote the sequence number shown on your caller confirmation sheet to the relevant asset owner.